Brian Catling

Catling’s work is in turn darkly humorous and animalistic. Alongside constructed materials, such as enormous wooden wings or a latex mask, he embodies a physicality reminiscent of a dodgy dealer of all manner of knock-off goods, gripping sounds emanate, from a deep howl to a delicate whisper. His work ranges from Performance Art to volumes of poetry. Early works were made for AIR Gallery in 1977 and Camden Arts Centre, 1979.

Brian Catling

Performance documentation / Examples of works

Of The Days, 2000
Study Room Ref: EV0358


CATLING, Brian (2004) ‘Half Wild and Unwritten’ in HEATHFIELD, Adrian (ed) Live: Art and Performance, London: Tate, pp 46-49
Study Room Ref: P0553

PERRIL, Simon, ed. (2001) Tending the vote: the works of Brian Catling, Cambridge: CCCP Books
Study Room Ref: P0214


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