Carlyle Reedy

Born in the US in 1938 but living in the UK since the 1960s, Reedy’s 1970s performances include A House of the Poet at London Musicians Collective, as well as at venues such as Acme Gallery and Jim Haynes’ Arts Lab. She was included in the survey exhibitions Out of Actions: Between Performance and the Object, 1949-1979 at MOCA, Los Angeles, 1998 and About Time: Video, Performance and Installation by 21 Women Artists at the ICA, London, 1980. She was also a member of the Artist Placement Group.

Carlyle Reedy

Performance documentation / Examples of works

Icons Of A Process – Carlyle Reedy, 2014, Flat Time House Gallery, London
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DI FRANCO, Karen and BRETT, Guy eds (2014) Icons of Process – Carlyle Reedy, London: Flat Time House/CHELSEA Space

SCHIMMMEL, Paul and FERGUSON, Russell eds. (1998) Out Of Actions: Between Performance And The Object 1949 – 1979, Thames & Hudson
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Carlyle Reedy, Fish Event, 1970.
Carlyle Reedy, Fish Event, (1970).