Fiona Templeton

Before becoming more focused on writing and larger-scale work, including the seminal piece You: The City in 1988, Templeton co-founded and performed in The Theatre of Mistakes with Anthony Howell and Mickey Greenall in the 1970s. She directed The Street (1975). She was also co-author, with Anthony Howell, of Elements of Performance Art in 1976 and was a collaborative creator of The Manifesto of Mutual Art. Later, Templeton founded the New York company, The Relationship and also created a number of duets with former members of the Theatre of Mistakes, including Glenys Johnson, Peter Stickland, Miranda Payne and Julian Maynard-Smith.

Fiona Templeton

Performance documentation / Examples of works

The Theatre of Mistakes: Going, with Michael Greenall, Anthony Howell, Glenys Johnson, Miranda Payne, Peter Stickland, 1977

The Street, 1975, London


HOWELL Anthony and TEMPLETON Fiona (1976) Elements of Performance Art, London: Ting Books

MONTANO, Linda M. ed. (2000) Performance Artists Talking In The Eighties, US: University Of California Press
Study Room Ref: P0193


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Fiona Templeton performing The Ninth Method at The Acme Gallery, London, 2-7 February 1981, Courtesy of Archive.
Fiona Templeton performing Thought/Death at The Acme Gallery, London, 2-7 February (1981), Courtesy of Archive.