Roger Ely

Making and curating Performance Art in the 1970s, Ely was also one of the founders of Primary Source magazine. He was involved in The Basement in Brighton, later the venue for the Zap Club, co-founded by Neil Butler and Dave Reeves. Ely and Butler co-founded the Brighton Festival of Contemporary Arts, 1977-79. Ely also collaborated Dave Stephens, Rob Con and Ian Hinchliffe as Matchbox Purveyors and co-produced Hinch, in 2014, a film about Ian Hinchliffe with Dave Stephens.

Roger Ely


ROMS, Heike (2008) What’s Welsh for Performance? An Oral History of
Study Room Ref: P1028


“It was forty years ago today…”: Locating the early history of performance art in Wales 1965-1979 – British Performance Art in the 1970s and 1980s
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