The Kipper Kids(Brian Routh and Martin von Haselberg)

Up Yer Bum was performed by The Kipper Kids at the Acme Gallery, London in 1979. Steve Thorne gives a vivid description in a review published in the first ever Performance Magazine in June of that year. Their work has the signature of organised chaos or, as Thorne puts it, “a highly aesthetic mess”, as well as exploring viscerailty and the violence behind mannered ritual.

The Kipper KidsBrian Routh and Martin von Haselberg)

Performance documentation / Examples of works

Documentation of a performance/ possibly Your Turn to Roll it, 1973, Paris
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Singing, 1978, Radio broadcast on KPFK, 14 mins
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The Kipper Kids, The Kitchen, New York, 1979
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The Kipper Kids, University Art Museum, Berkeley, 1979
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THORNE, Steve (1979) ‘Review’ in Performance Magazine, June pp 4-5
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Kipper Kid’s Facebook Page


Kipper Kids At the Kitchen
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Kipper Kids, 1975, Laica, Los Angeles
Kipper Kids, (1975), Laica, Los Angeles.
Kipper Kids, Forum Theater, Berlin, 1973
Kipper Kids, Forum Theater, Berlin, (1973).
The Kipper Kids,1979, film
The Kipper Kids, (1979), film.